"An award of Best Woman Entrepreneur  from Istanbul Chamber of Commerce"


Since the beginning, HİDROTAM has been used to manufacture every kind of special purpose production lines, machines, fixtures and equipment with more then thirty years experienced stuff for the world-wide well-known companies in automotive, household and automation need industries of Turkey. It gives every kind of technical and technological support for machinery and automation market.
HİDROTAM mainly produces hydraulically, pneumatically, mechanically operated and PLC controlled production lines, machines, apparatus, technical supporter systems etc. and makes the commnissioning of those equipment considering all of engineering concepts. Our projects, lines and machines can be used easily, and practically in high capacity industrial organizations as well as in a small workshops and even in research laboratories to produce small, precise prototypes.  Some of our products are cut-to-length line, decoiler with hydraulic expansion, straightener, servo feeder, sheet material transfer unit, automatic threading and drilling machines, special hydraulic press and bending machines, transfer  and lifting machines, punching machines, fitting machines, assembly lines, sheet and metal forming machines etc.
Generally, HİDROTAM starts manufacturing from technically and deeply analyzed  design, and finishes with the final machine or line. Whit in this series of machinery, most of the works can be done automatically by using all kinds of technical and technological systems, according to customer’s needs and  budget. Because HİDROTAM wants to do best for the customers, during the design and analyze phase,  uses the best and well-known brand and products from all over the world for projects. By using the most advanced, latest integrated 3D CAD/CAM programs, CNC controlled machines, technical equipment and technological systems, HİDROTAM offers the customers most productive, qualified and  economical solutions.
With thirty years experience, high qualified stuff and high technological equipment, HİDROTAM has customers’ appreciation in automation and machinery  field. . To challenge the world and reach our customer with our best side, our new modern factory building that has 4,000 sq. closed area is being established.
Quality and accuracy have the major importance in HİDROTAM since beginning. Intensive care is performed for confirmation to ISO9000 standarts. Dedication to producing high quality products for our customers has been the major policy of HİDROTAM from the first machine to the last one. We pride ourselves in the quality of our machines, lines and systems.

HİDROTAM knows the value of  work, information and technical specifications. As a general policy, the company take into consideration of the secrecy agreements and never use  any company’s values for any other purpose or company. Also we believe in success through partnership. Our working closely customers ensures they have the equipment with which to manufacture  quality products efficiently and economically with machinery that give them maximum flexibility.
HİDROTAM’ s  main objective is to be an international company, serving many countries, with continuous progress and innovation with its experienced and enthusiastic  stuff. We know that the world is incredibly changing and developing. In or to be able to catch up with this speed we know that we must work harder and harder and we do and we will..